About Me

I’m an Indonesian-born, New Zealand-raised, currently nomadic journalist and content creator. I produce stories that make people smile, intrigue them to learn more or help them answer the burning questions they’ve always wanted answered. I also help others shape and tell their stories in a way that’s compelling for the internet. I honed this skill during my time as a digital editor for Fast Company‘s Work Life section, where I was responsible for commissioning and editing pieces by expert contributors.

Having been perpetually way too curious for my own good, my interests are extremely varied and I will dive deep into everything and anything. I do have particular affinities for the following topics though: the workplace, leadership and management, business, productivity, psychology, money, health, and wellness.

In my previous life, I was a technology, media and telecommunications lawyer. I cut my teeth reviewing contracts for two years, but my journalistic itch got the better of me and I decided to wave my legal career goodbye.

These days, I spend most of my days chasing, writing, and editing stories for a range of publications. In addition to Fast Company, my bylines have appeared on a number of other digital outlets including BBC Work LifeBusiness Insider, The Verge, and Mashable.

I’m an avid reader, traveler, cook, ravenous eater and coffee drinker. I also occasionally attempt to run half-marathons and obstacle races.

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