Why you should think twice before aiming to ‘change the world’ (Business Insider)

A psychologist explains why complaining can make your life and relationships better (Business Insider)

I followed Jack Dorsey’s morning routine for a week and was surprised by the difference it made in my day (Business Insider)

I tried Arianna Huffington’s elaborate bedtime ritual for a week and couldn’t believe how well I slept  (Business Insider)

I followed Barack Obama’s morning routine for a week, and it taught me a valuable lesson about mental toughness (Business Insider)

Our grandparents wouldn’t understand one of the biggest status symbols in the US today (Business Insider)

BMW is expanding its car service to Brooklyn (The Verge)


Alibaba founder tells Chinese government to use data to stop criminals (The Verge)

Even the NFL isn’t immune to declining television viewership (The Verge)

Airbnb hosts protest new rental law outside New York governor’s office (The Verge)

The mobile alternative to Reddit is going international  (The Verge)

Talking to robots might make you feel better about your love life, new research shows (Mashable)

This wearable device can turn any surface into a keyboard (Mashable)


Inside Donald Trump’s long, rocky relationship with the New York Times (Fusion)

A corporate lawyer-turned-traveler shares the 7 biggest misconceptions people have about her 8 years on the road (Business Insider)


Soylent blames algal flour for consumer complaints (The Verge)

How much exercise does your heart need each week?  (Dr Oz The Good Life)

Don’t let allergies ruin your romance  (Dr Oz The Good Life)


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